Renovating your floor? 

Got a baseboard heater?

You could be a pioneer in the climate change revolution.

Switch from electric baseboard heating now!

Save $100's per year in heating expenses

Eliminate 580kg per year in CO2 emissions

Boost your property value by up to 5%


Basic heating technology. Poor heat distribution. Low upfront cost. Does the job, at the expense of the environment.

Looks ugly, and barely use it

Can't place furniture near it

Gets dangerously hot to the touch

Takes a while to heat the room

Heat disappears quickly when off

Consumes a lot of electricity


Next-generation electric heating using carbon inks and WiFi controls. Heat only where and when you need it. Save money and the environment.

Invisible to the naked eye

Opens room up for new interior designs

Touch-safe for kids and elderly

Faster comfort that lasts longer

Saves on electricity

Easily convert your existing wiring from electric baseboard heating to ELECTRIC FLOOR HEATING!


Payback & ROI? 

For every 150 sq. ft. room heated for 6 hours daily over 100 days per year.

$3000 cost savings

5 - 7 year payback

100% Return

Calculated using the national average electricity cost of $0.12 per kWh. and heating load of 1500W (5120 BTU) per 150 sq. ft. area.

Electric Baseboard Heater

$150 equipment cost

15-year lifetime

$160 expense per year

HEAT ROLL™ Smart Floor Heating

$1000 equipment cost

40-year lifetime

$65 expense per year

It’s like driving an electric vehicle, you spare the heat to extend your range. That ends up saving the environment.

Edward J.

Home Owner

Replacing those baseboard heaters with HEAT ROLL™ was super easy and really impressed our customer.

Tom K.


HEAT ROLL™ offers our customers better value while achieving our corporate sustainability goals.

Reza A.

Property Developer


Smart Floor Heating Kit

All-in-one radiant heating solution using electrically resistive carbon ink heaters, flat conductor cables, and smart WiFi controls with thermal sensing.

Starting from $129

Send us a picture of your baseboard heater and receive $49 off your purchase!*

*applies to max. three (3) baseboard heaters  

Free shipping (2-3 business days)

60-day return policy

15 year warranty

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Send us a picture of your baseboard heater for discounts on your next purchase of HEAT ROLL™.

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